Mit der Schüssel durch Namibia

Charly ist wieder unterwegs. Richtung Norden. Er schreibt uns:
Good morning from the Western edge of the Etosha Pan in North Namibia 🇳🇦. Arrived savely yesterday after a 6 hours drive (last part only suitable for 4X4) at Derek's (V51DM) paradise welcomed by zebras 🦓 and antelopes beside the gravel track. Today we’ll set up my station in front of his waterhole (25 meters beside the sitting area) where I saw 2 rhinos 🦏 at 4 in the morning drinking very carefully. We‘ll have breakfast first 😉 so the first activity might be after 9 UTC. Here some pictures with details of my expedition.

Die Tage zuvor: Funkbetrieb im Hotel in Windhuk. Der Satellit brodelt. Alle wollen Kontakt mit Charly.

Just to demonstrate under which circumstances I‘m trying to produce a CW signal. Sound generator into mic input at the console hearing my tone and the echo coming back, must hold the paddle with my left hand as there was no flat surface like a table, only the suitcase rack and no real space for paper or logbook. Really not easy but I tried my very best, didn‘t I?

Auf gehts. Richtung Norden. Alles Wesentliche liegt schon im Kofferraum. Wir bleiben in Kontakt.


Charly, V51/DK3ZL


Der Funkamateur berichtet.
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